See Something, Say Something
Call 911 Whenever You Feel Unsafe
The UTPD stands ready to assist you at all times. If you see something, say something.

Increased Campus Safety Measures

The University of Texas at Austin takes campus safety very seriously and continues to evaluate opportunities for improved safety for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Below, please find a list of measures UT Austin has taken to increase safety on campus.  Also listed are resources you are encouraged to use for your personal safety, and the communication tools used to communicate with faculty, staff and students.

  1. Since May 1, 2017, increased police patrols by UTPD, Austin Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety. These law enforcement partners have also increased patrols west of campus.
  2. Increased lighting in specific areas on campus
  3. Reduced vegetation in specific areas on campus
  4. Installing new security systems in buildings
  5. Increased monitoring of UT and UTPD Social Media channels
  6. Encouraging UT community to be proactive in personal safety through the Be Safe campaign


Be Aware

UTPD Takes Proactive Safety Measures Given Recent Events

We understand the bombing incidents that have occurred in and around Austin have caused great concern.

Use your creativity to help share the Be Safe message!

UT Austin students, faculty members and staff members are invited to help shape the Be Safe campaign. We want you to create posters, social media, paintings, sculptures, poetry – you can use absolutely any creative venue to help share the Be Safe message. Your creativity could be showcased in a number of ways – including being shown on the jumbotron at a UT game to 100,000 fans!

Rides from UTPD

If you are on campus and need a ride between 8 pm and 2 am, call UTPD at 512-471-4441 and then hit #9 to make your request.

We encourage your feedback

The University of Texas at Austin invites your comments about safety and security on campus.

Follow Be Safe on social media and tag #SafeChats:

Download and share Be Safe materials

Download PDFs to print and post, as well as digital media to share via your own communication channels.