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Let’s Be Safe Together 

The University of Texas Police Department and the university do a great deal to provide a safe environment. Participation from the community makes these efforts more sustainable and effective.

The Be Safe campaign is an effort to encourage folks to look out for one another so that our entire community becomes safer with each collective interaction.

UT Austin students, faculty members and staff members are invited to participate in the Be Safe campaign.

We want YOU to express yourself by creating an artistic representation of what the Be Safe campaign means to you. This can include posters, GIFs, videos, paintings, sculptures, poetry — any creative venue to help spread the valuable Be Safe message!

Your creativity could be showcased in a number of ways — including being shown on the Jumbotron at a UT game to 100,000 fans!


How to participate:

Submit original design/concept through the Be Safe submissions page.

  • Submissions of digital or print publication graphics should be uploaded as either a JPEG or PDF.

  • Written pieces may be uploaded as a Word document or PDF.
  • Ideas/concepts for nontraditional marketing media (e.g. dance, 3-D art, large-scale drawings/paintings/banners, etc.) may be submitted as written proposals, sketches, mock-up images, or other means that concisely convey your idea.
  • Audio files should be uploaded as MP3 files.
  • Videos should be submitted as MP4, MOV files.

Submissions posted directly to social media or publicly viewable/accessible digital forums will be removed immediately and not be considered or sanctioned as official communication from UT Austin. 

A committee composed of a cross section of the campus community will determine whether to accept the artwork or ideas that are submitted, based on the design requirements listed below. Members of the committee and/or the campaign creative director will meet with participants to agree upon the timing and quality execution of the work. Upon final approval of the work, the committee will place Be Safe logos in the design. Each submission will be posted to the Be Safe website and will be shared on social media, with full credit to the participant.


Who can participate:

  • Any UT Austin student in good academic standing.
  • Any UT Austin staff/faculty member.


Design requirements:

Each piece of artwork should communicate only one of the three points of the Be Safe campaign below:

  1. Walk With Me is an invitation to walk together on campus.
  2. Be Aware is a reminder to put your phone down and keep your eyes and ears on your surroundings.
  3. Call 911 is a reminder that dialing 911 is the fastest way to get help from police ANY TIME you feel unsafe, or to get help during medical or fire emergencies.

All artwork should incorporate only the three colors used in the campaign that are listed below. Designs that include other colors will not be considered, with the exception of black and white photography.

Please keep in mind that the Be Safe and UT Austin logos will be incorporated into the final, approved execution by the committee.


Be as creative as you want to be. Executions could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Social media posts and/or imagery
  • Kiosk posters
  • Art posters
  • Short film/video
  • GIF/animations 
  • Written Pieces 
    • Short stories 
    • Poems
    • Editorials
    • Song Lyrics
  • Performance piece 
    • Music 
    • Dance
  • Fine art 
    • Painting 
    • Drawing 
    • Sculpture 
    • Pottery 
    • Mural 
    • Photography

Submissions will become property of UT Austin, which will retain all reproduction rights to submitted artwork, with credit given to the artist. UT Austin agrees not to sell any of the artwork or photography.


About the Be Safe campaign 

The Brand

The tone of communication in your submission should be authoritative but familiar.

Imagine the Be Safe communication coming from a caring friend whom you trust with your life. Someone you laugh with but when things get tough, that person is shoulder to shoulder with you to grind it out.


Color Palette

This color palette was chosen for its simplicity and distinctiveness. The Be Safe brand should be instantly recognizable against a clutter of other colors. Black, white and blue are familiar as police colors and thus hold authority. This particular shade of blue is meant to be friendly and energizing — empowering, but not bureaucratic.

Be Safe Black
CMYK 50-50-50-100
WEB HEX 000000
RGB 0-0-0

Be Safe Blue
CMYK: 57, 0, 10, 0
RGB: 91, 201, 226
HEX: #5BC9E2

CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB: 255, 255, 255


Contact Us : If you have questions about submission guidelines.